Terms and Conditions

The ‘Agreement’ or ‘Terms & Conditions’ govern your use of our platform or website, the newsletters, the services and other content that posted or listed on our website. The conditions & terms of use of this website is between the distributor and you.

When you utilized our services, then it proofs or confirms that you have inspected or examine and understand this agreement (that also include our privacy policy), that will give your consent that you agree with our terms & conditions and are bound by that.

For any kind of reason, and in any event, you can’t admit and consent to all the agreement states, then kindly, don’t be a part of utilizing our services in that case.

For that agreement, the term ‘content’ includes everything provided on this official website or platform such as the photos, clips of videos, written posts, etc. The conditions are defined below.


The services provided by this official website are only for those users who are above 15 years. And when you get used to our services provided by this platform then you confirm that you are more than or at least 15 years of age.

And in any case, if you are not more than 15 years of age then kindly stop utilizing the services provided by this platform or by this official website.


There is some portion on this platform that allows the users to form or create content. In this case, you hold the right of such User Content, and by providing or uploading the User Content, you provide us inconvertible, totally paid, and totally royalty-free license to use or utilize.

With that thing, you are agreeing to the fact or condition & terms that you won’t use the service to post or link to any content that is hateful, violent, defamatory, threatening, spam-like, that can offend someone, contain any 18+ or objectionable content, keep any kind of private information of others, any violation of copyright, stimulate or encourage any kind of illegal activity, or otherwise, break or violates any laws.

The content that you provided or upload on this website reviewed by our staff members. All the things that you want to upload could be sent to third parties for further verification. Do not provide us anything that you want to keep confidential or private.


There are certain features on this website that allow you to log in using third-party apps or applications such as Instagram for commenting on the post. And when you log in via third party applications then you provide your full consent to get access to some limited information from your profile such as your name, email address, according to our privacy policy.

Intellectual property rights.

All rights including the services and content have the exclusive rights of this official platform. You don’t have the right to copy, transmit, reproduce, decrypt, and tear away the Content or the Services offered by us in the absence of our written consent.

Reporting of Intellectual rights infringement.

We are trying hard and so hard to post or upload that kind of content on our website or platform that is original and is not a copyright or trademark. And if you find that any of your trademark or copyright has been used, upload or posted or submit on our website in such a way that it violates copyright infringement then kindly let us know some information:

Information of original content.

The Name, email address, postal address, and your mobile number, too.

If we find that the information provided by you is proper or complete and if we find that you are not the original copyright owner then you authorized to act on this matter.

Send your information by contacting us at @whatsapppixel.com. We will take necessary action toward it according to our Copyright law.

Disclaimer about third party links.

The services and other things i.e. content the link that takes you to third-party apps or websites, too. Sometimes or these websites contain information or details that are unfair or offensive that is beyond our control.

In that case, we are not responsible for any sort of deceptive, suspicious, or any misleading content on third-party applications or platforms or websites. We are not connected to those links or content from the link associated with third party websites.

Any changes to this Agreement.

We have all the authority and rights to rectify or amend the terms & conditions or agreement without any prior notice and wherever.

But we will make one thing clear that you will see the most recent agreement posted here. By utilizing or keep utilizing our services whenever the changes are made, your consent to be bound by the revised agreement.

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